I highly recommend that all riders take a flexibility session on the ground BEFORE their session on the horse.




Should the workshop day be set up with group or individual sessions?


Either. You can do one day all group sessions, or all individual sessions, which ever works best for you. Or you can mix the day 1/2 & 1/2.




How many students per group session?


Maximum 10 riders for the ground session.
Maximum 6 horses & riders for the ridding session.
Smaller groups are more detailed.




How long should the sessions be?


1.5-2 hours for the ground session.
1.5 hours for the riding session.




How many sessions per day?


1.5-2 hours for the ground session.

As many sessions as you can fit into the 8 hour day.

*When planning the schedule, please give a 10 min break in between every 2 sessions and 1/2 hour break for lunch. You do not need to count the breaks in the 8 hour day.




Is there an age limit for riders?


1.5-2 hours for the ground session.

Yes, no children under 10 years old unless by special permission.




Do we need any special equipment?


1.5-2 hours for the ground session.

For the rider flexibility sessions:
Somewhere warm & dry. I ask for a chair for each participant, a simple folding chair works just fine. If the floor is hard, each person should have a yoga mat (thick ones are better). I recommend knee pads if someone has bad knees. Please bring an extra yoga mat for Alixa.

For the riding sessions:
Riding arena, preferably indoors or covered.
All riders will need a snaffle bit, and dressage whip. Horses should be walked freely on a loose rein for 20 min before their session starts.




How should I plan the schedule?


1.5-2 hours for the ground session.

You can create the schedule depending on what best suits your needs. Horses & riders do much better with 2 sessions each because it is a lot of material to absorb all at once.

Horse & Rider Workshop:

*Minimum 2 days, maximum 6 days long.

*May be set up with either group or private sessions.

Individual Training:

*4 to 10 days long

*No more than 5 horses & 2 ground sessions per day.

Riders only Flexibility:

*1 Day

*Day is broken up into group or private sessions of maximum 10 students per group.




How do I book a workshop?


1.5-2 hours for the ground session.

1) Send me an email, we will decide on a date. I try to book several workshops in one area to keep down travel costs.

2) I will send you a contract to sign & return.

3) I ask for a $200 deposit to hold your date. Deposit can be paid by paypal.

4) I DO NOT hold your dates until I receive your signed contract & deposit.

5) We will decide on a schedule that best fits your needs.




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